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Trible Library Media Center

Describes the equipment, services, and policies of the Media Center

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Hours of Operation:

Spring 2024

Monday - Thursday

9am - 7pm

Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Sunday


Spring Recess: Monday, March 4 - Friday, March 8: 9am - 5pm

About Us

The Media Center is part of the Paul and Rosemary Trible Library.  We are located on the second floor, adjacent to the Rosemary Trible Reading Room on the East side of the library (facing Warwick Blvd.).  We offer dedicated spaces with the latest computers for editing video, audio and images.  Our student-staffed service desk offers training and is where you can inquire about equipment and check out exactly what you need.  Adjacent to the Media Center, is our collection space that houses our extensive DVD and Blu-ray collections.  ‚ÄčWe also house a CD collection inside the Media Center.  Our equipment and services support the CNU curriculum as well as providing technical experience that can be included on any resume!  Our goal is to foster creativity in and out of the classroom while exposing students to exceptional technology.  Please come visit us!

General Information & Reservations

All CNU faculty, staff and students can check out equipment.  In order to check out most equipment, you will want to read over our official Equipment Loan Policy.  This is to make sure you understand the responsibility of checking out equipment owned by CNU.  You will need your CNU ID to check out equipment  from the Media Center.

Faculty / Staff must have their CNU ID registered with the library system at the Circulation Desk. Students are registered upon enrollment with the university.

All equipment must be renewed in person; no online renewals. Equipment may be renewed only one time. However, if you have asked for an extended due date at the time of the initial check-out, no renewals are allowed for the loan.

You may also choose to reserve equipment for a time in the future.  Reservations much be put in 48 hours or more before items are needed.  The patron checking out reserved equipment must be the same individual who placed a reservation.

Reserve Equipment/Spaces

If you do not see the equipment you wish to reserve listed, click on "Other Items Not Listed" on page 2, and specify what equipment within the comments about your reservation.

(Only faculty may reserve the Media Viewing Classroom
E-mail for more information)


The tabs in the upper left of this page contain most of our circulating equipment found in the Trible Library Media Center. If you are a professor and would like to use equipment for a class project, please email so that we can best serve your needs.

Please note that nearly all equipment we circulate has a digital copy of the user's manual on the following pages.  Please ask at the service desk if you are interested in a hands-on demonstration or more in depth training with any of our equipment.  Demonstrated proficiency is expected and required for many of the items we carry.

Type of Material Loan Period Maximum Renewals Per Item

Fines Per Item§

Check-out Location
Media - DVDs & Blu-Rays

 7 days

  • Students / Staff / LifeLong Learners / Community Patrons
    • 1 renewal
  • Faculty
    • 2 renewals
  • Students / Staff / LifeLong Learners / Community Patrons
    • $1.00 per day
Circulation Desk(s)
Media - CDs*
  • Students / Staff / LifeLong Learners
    • 30 days
  • Faculty
    • 120 days
2 No overdue fines Circulation Desk(s)
Media - Equipment (e.g., cameras, microphones, storage devices, and accessories)*

2 days

  • Students / Staff / LifeLong Learners
    • $2.00 per day
Media Service Desk
Media - Short-Term Loan*

4 hours

  • Students / Staff / LifeLong Learners
    • $0.50 per hour
Media Service Desk
Media - Laptops*

4 hours

  • Students / Staff / LifeLong Learners
    • $2.00 per hour
Media Service Desk
Media - Reserves*

4 hours

  • Students / Staff / LifeLong Learners
    • $0.50 per hour
Circulation Desk(s)

* Community Patrons not permitted to check-out CDs, Equipment, Short-term, Laptops, or Reserves.

† Renewals for Equipment and Short-term Loans are allowed at the Media Desk only - not over the phone, nor the library website.

§ Faculty are not issued fines.


Fines and Billing

Since the Library will not be accepting cash or checks as part of our COVID response, any overdue fine amounts totaling $10 or more owed by a student will be transferred to their CNU Student Account weekly or upon request. The account can then be paid with a credit card online. For CNU Students, a delay in paying fines may result in a block being placed on the student's account. Students will not be permitted to register for subsequent terms, grades will be held, and the University will not issue diplomas, official transcripts, etc. For Community Patrons (including students no longer attending CNU), a delay in paying fines may result in the submission of their name to the Virginia Department of Taxation.

The University is permitted under Virginia Law to attach Virginia State income tax refunds or lottery winnings in repayment of any debt, which is owed to the University. Questions on amounts owed should be directed to the Trible Library Main Circulation Desk at 757-594-7133 or If items are lost, damaged beyond repair, or not returned within 60 days after the due date, the patron will be charged for the replacement of the item. Replacement cost is determined based on the item and availability of a replacement. A $25 non-refundable billing and processing fee is also charged in addition to the replacement cost.
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