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Trible Library Media Center

Describes the equipment and policies of the Media Center



If you are a student, in order to check out most equipment, you will want to read over our Equipment Loan Policy.  This is to make sure you understand the responsibility of checking out equipment.  You may also choose to reserve equipment for a time in the future.  Please know that any reservations less than 48 hours in advance will not be honored.  You will need your CNU ID to check out anything from the Media Center.

Equipment Loan Policy

Reserve Equipment/Spaces

These tabs at the side of this page contain most of the circulating equipment found in the Trible Library Media Center. If you are a professor and would like to use equipment for a class project, please email so that we can best serve your needs.

Please note that nearly all equipment has a digital copy of the user's manual on the following pages.  Please ask at the service desk if you are interested in a hands-on demonstration or more in depth training with any of our equipment.

About Us

The Media Center is part of the Paul and Rosemary Trible Library.  We are located on the second floor, in the newer part of the library, across from the Reference Desk.  We offer dedicated spaces with computers for editing video, audio and images.  Our service desk offers training and is where you can inquire about equipment and check out what you need.  Normal equipment is checked out for 48 hours at a time.  The Media Center's collection space contains our extensive DVD and Blu-ray collections.  ‚ÄčWe also house a CD collection inside the Media Center.  Our equipment and services support the curriculum, student research and the classroom experience.  


Media Center Desk Hours - Fall/Spring Schedule
Day Hours
Monday 9am - 9pm
Tuesday 9am - 9pm
Wednesday 9am - 9pm
Thursday 9am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 4pm - 9pm


Media Links

Collected Media Links - Source links we think can help you.

Free Media Content Links - Free content for multimedia projects.

Multimedia Project Production Guide - Essentials for video class projects.

Training and Documentation - Documentation and help for programs and equipment.

Sign up for Media Matter! - Our in-house training sessions.

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