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Trible Library Media Center

Describes the equipment, services, and policies of the Media Center

Questions and Answers

Commonly asked questions

Q:  Does the media equipment come with a manual?

A:  No, but the digital copy of the manual is on the Circulating Equipment page of our website.


Q: Can I check out books and DVDs at the media service desk?

A:  No.  We only check in and out media equipment. 


Q:  Do we provide support for classroom technology?

A:  No, we do not.  We do have adapters for laptops to use the podiums and DVD/Blu-ray players if needed.


Q:  Do we loan equipment for a whole semester?

A:  No.  We only rent on a short term basis.  Typically 48 hours.


Q:  Does the Media Center provide staff to record events?

A:  No.  We do not have the staff or time to devote to recording events.  We can show someone how to use equipment if they come in and are going to record an event with our equipment.


Q:  Does the Media Center assist with digitization of media?

A:  Yes.  We will help determine if the media is still under copyright and for faculty, we will convert items.  We can advise and train someone if it is a large and time consuming project, but we do not take on large projects.


Q:  Does the Media Center provide projectors and screens for events?

A:  We do not provide technology for events, but we do have projectors for occasional use.  Please contact the scheduling office for event equipment.  If they cannot provide equipment, we may be able to and they will contact us.


Q:  Can I make an appointment for training on a piece of equipment or the use of a program?

A:  Absolutely.  It is best if you email to schedule a time to meet.  We also offer multiple sessions of training throughout the semester called Media Matter.


Q:  I am a student and my laptop broke, can I get an extended loan until mine is fixed?

A:  Occasionally, we are able to check out a laptop for up to a week with renewals.  Please email to see if it is possible. 


Q:  Where can I see what equipment is available?

A:  Please see our website page for Circulating Equipment:


Q:  Does the Media Center provide laptops for events on campus?

A:  No, we only check out laptops to individual patrons.  Contact Scheduling for event equipment.


Q: Can equipment be checked out during holiday and semester breaks?

A: Possibly, please ask beforehand.

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