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Gaudi Santa Familia

The Media Center has collected links for you to use in multimedia projects.  The following content has been tested and approved by librarians as robust and helpful.  Although this content does not encompass everything that exists online, it provides a starting point!

Links updated: February 24th 2022

Photo Sites

List of Public Domain Image Resources

Wikimedia Commons

Flickr: The Commons

Google Advanced Image Search (select free to use or share under usage rights)

Library of Congress Photo Stream on Flickr

National Gallery: NGA Images‚Äč

Media History Digital Library

National Archives Presidential Libraries and Museums 

NYPL Digital Gallery (Some of the images in the Digital Gallery may be subject to third party rights such as copyright and/or rights of privacy/publicity)

Smithsonian Galaxy of Images

Smithsonian Flickr PhotoStream

National Parks Service Imagebase

American Memory Timeline for Teachers

New York Public Library Image Archives

Copyright-friendly images and sound Pathfinder

Europeana - Artwork, video and sound.

Everystockphoto - Search engine for free images.

Image*After  - Database of images and textures.

Open Clip Art - Lots of free clip art.

Pics 4 Learning  - Free copyright friendly images for educational use.

Pixabay - Over 2.5 million images to use including photos and drawings. - Images and video to freely use.

Stockvault - Over 60,000 images to browse and download.

Yale Digital Commons - Digital assets curated by Yale University.


Copyright-Friendly Music and Sounds

ccMixter - Thousands of free sounds and music to download and use.

Piano Society - Classical piano music uploaded by users that is free to use.

YouTube Audio Library - Download background music for your video, completely free.

Jamendo - An independent music community with unlimited free streaming and downloading.

Free Music Archive - Many genres available as well as curated sounds to help you find what you need.

SoundBible - Free sound clips, sound bites and sound effects.

Audionautix by Jason Shaw - Original, electronic songs that are free to use.

Netlabels - Part of the Internet Archive.  The collection is completely free with catalogs of virtual record labels.

Partners in Rhyme - Some pay and some free content.  Also has effects, Midi and loops to use.

Moby Gratis - Created by the artist, Moby, Online application system, which registers you to use the site. 

Incompetech - Background music to download by Kevin MacLeod.

Sound Search Engine - Huge site for finding sound effects. - Images and video to freely use.

Classic Cat - Find classical music for video soundtracks.

Purple Planet - Lots of free full length songs to download and use.

Zap Splat - Free sound effects with a huge variety to choose from.

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project - Mostly Public Domain songs that have been digitized before 1924.

Soungle - Royalty free sound effect search engine. - Samples and search engine with a forum for discussions.

Copyright Friendly Video

Here is a list of some of the freely available streaming content found online.  These are not part of the database content provided by CNU.


Trible Library provides links to other websites to aid in research and is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of those sites.