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A guide for faculty and students

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This page is a tool to help single out the Trible Library streaming film databases.  Other links are provided to help with locating other streaming services.  

Using the Library Catalog Search on the right, you can specify you want to search for streaming media only under the advanced search feature.  Please not that not all streaming items are cataloged and searching within a specific database is always more accurate.

     As a service for our physical collection of DVDs, the library’s media center may be able to export DVD clips for you to use in the classroom.  If you have your own DVD, we can possibly make clips (up to 3) from that as well.  Contact us to see if we can help with creating clips for classroom use.  We do not have the ability to set up streaming of films that are not in our databases and Blackboard/Scholar is unable to stream video. The best and most efficient way to share video content is to link back to it from the databases.  It helps usage statistics and the databases are built for streaming, just as if you were using YouTube.  Blu-ray titles cannot have clips taken from them due to physical copyright protections. 

Databases we own that provide streaming content below:

Copyright Friendly Video

Here is a list of some of the freely available streaming content found online.  These are not part of the database content provided by CNU.

American Archive of Public Broadcasting
40,000 hours of public radio and television broadcasts curated by the Library of Congress and GBH in Boston

American Memory Collection
Several hundred early motion pictures are viewable in the Library of Congress's American Memory collections. Most of these early films are documentaries.

British Pathe
With a unique combination of information and entertainment, all 85,000 documentaries, newsreels, serials and films searchable and viewable on YouTube.

CSPAN Video Library
Includes almost every program that has aired on C-SPAN, including more than 170,000 hours of content, going back to 1987, including author interviews, political rallies, interviews with news makers and journalists.

Documentary Heaven
Browse films by category options such as activist, celebrity, conspiracy, mystery, war, technology, and more.

Over 2000 streaming indie movies. It also includes international movies and documentaries covering various categories such as comedy, drama, action and science fiction.

Movies from the United States Government, from training films to history and national parks.

A national preserve of documentary films about American roots cultures.

Free Documentaries
Run by a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of documentaries by independent film makers from around the world.

Japanese Animation Movie Classics
With works that go back as far as 1917, this is a deep dive into the world of Japanese animation curated by the Nobuo Ofuji Memorial Museum. There’s traditional cell animation, but also a surprising amount of cut-out animation.

Library of Congress Webcasts
Webcasts from the Library of Congress covering Biography, History, Culture, Performing Arts, Education, Government, Poetry, Literature, Religion, Science, and Technology.

Moving Image Internet Archive
Over 1.5 million digitized videos and clips, including cartoons, commercials and classic films, many public domain or available via Creative Commons license.

National Film Board of Canada
The National Film Board of Canada’s online Screening Room, offering documentaries, animated film and more from around the world. They also have channels for topics like history, biography and the arts. 

Netflix Educational Documentaries
A selection of free Netflix films on YouTube.

Open Video Project
A repository of open access digitized videos for education and learning purposes.

PBS Video 

Prelinger Archives
Holds approximately 11,000 digitized videos, primarily home movies and amateur films. There is free access to many (but not all) films from the collection on the Internet Archive site.

Public Domain Project
Thousands of audio, image, and video files in the public domain from the collection of the Pond5 stock footage company.

Rarefilmm - The Cave of Forgotten Films
Almost 3,000 free films that have lost their copyright. A la Carta
The Spanish public broadcasting company, providing free online streaming for a wide variety of its films, documentaries and television programming.

Search thousands of videos through this content sharing program. Click on the "Education" tab for highlighted finds.

TED Talks
Search the TED Talks library of videos filmed at TED conferences, TEDx events, and other events. Try narrowing your search to TED-Ed and view animated video lessons targeted to educators to use for customizing lessons.

The Travel Film Archive
A collection of travelogues and educational and industrial films that show the world the way it was between 1900 and 1970. Its holdings include archives of the renowned travel filmmakers Burton Holmes, Andre de la Varre, and James A. FitzPatrick.

Vimeo Creative Commons
Browse videos with a Creative Commons license. The site has a clear explanation of the different licenses and how you can or cannot use the videos.

Find More items in Trible Library


Quite a few of our films are indexed in our library catalog and have direct links to the content in their respective databases.

How to Request a Video

We are always taking suggestions for content.  Our mantra is, "Long life physical media!".  Purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray is usually more cost effective and permanent than other sources.  Please use our "Suggest a Purchase" form for items.


  • The library pays the "Higher Education /Institution" price (often a separate price, especially for documentary/educational videos).
  • At this time, we do not purchase individual titles available for streaming that is not part of our current streaming database lineup.
  • There are often different prices on DVDs and online streaming options (1-year, 3-year, permanent "life of file" ownership").
  • Educational/documentary videos are usually much more expensive than commercial/popular videos:
    • DVDs often cost between $25 to $400.
    • Online streaming rights for 1-year often cost $150 or more (per year).

Video help for searching for streaming media in the Trible Library.

Trible Library provides links to other websites to aid in research and is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of those sites.