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How to Request a Video

We are always taking suggestions for content.  Purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray is usually more cost effective and permanent than other sources.  Please use our "Suggest a Purchase" form for items.  Kanopy videos have a request form built into the database, if you would like to see if the library can purchase streaming a film.  These rights for Kanopy films are typically for a limited time and are not permanent.  


  • The library pays the "Higher Education / Institution" price (often a separate price, especially for documentary/educational videos).
  • There are often different prices on DVDs and online streaming options (1-year, 3-year, permanent "life of file" ownership").
  • Educational/documentary videos are usually much more expensive than commercial/popular videos:
    • DVDs often cost between $25 to $400.
    • Online streaming rights for 1-year often cost $150 or more (per year).

Streaming Video Databases

     As a service for our physical collection of DVDs, the library’s media center may be able to export DVD clips for you to use in the classroom.  Contact us to see if we can help with creating clips.  Blu-ray titles cannot have clips taken from them due to physical copyright protections. We do not have the ability to set up streaming of films that are not in our databases and Blackboard/Scholar is unable to stream video. The best and most efficient way to share video content is to link back to it from the databases.  It helps usage statistics and the databases are built for streaming, just as if you were using YouTube.

Databases we own that provide streaming content:

  • Academic Video Online (AVON) from Proquest
  • American History in Video via Alexander Street Press
  • Business Source Complete
  • Films on Demand
  • Kanopy


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