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Getting Started Guide: Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures (MCLL): Language

Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures



Who says it’s hard to learn Mandarin? Who says it can’t be fun? Not Xinwen Chen, a thirty-something TCSOL-certified Mandarin Chinese teacher!

Taking a functional approach to language acquisition, this collection of 50 three-minute lessons uses very simple scenarios based on everyday situations to immerse learners in the elements of practical conversation. “I define myself as a bridge between east and west!” says Xinwen. An engaging language-learning tool, and an enchanting glimpse of Chinese culture.

(Portions in Chinese with English subtitles, 2 hours 30 minutes)

Lessons include…

First Sentence


Eating and Shopping



Oxford Chinese Dictionary
Readings in Chinese Communist Documents: A Manual for Students of the Chinese Language
500 Common Chinese Idioms
Easy Mandarin Chinese
The Routledge Encyclopedia of the Chinese Language
Tuttle Concise Chinese Dictionary: Chinese-English : English-Chinese
Chinese Buddhist Texts (Chinese & English)
The Handbook of Chinese Linguistics
Chinese Language(s)
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