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Multimedia Project Guidelines: Students

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Wrapping Up

Now that you have nearly finished, think about what you have recorded so far.  Sometimes it is beneficial to get an outside person to watch what you have done and give constructive criticism.  Be sure to credit found footage or borrowed clips!

Free Content to Use

For additional links and sources that you might find helpful, go to this link.

Search for Creative Commons licensed content through Google, Flickr, SpinXpress, Wikimedia Commons and many other sites.

Great Video on Copyright and Fair Use

Release Forms

If you are planning on filming, using their image or just their voice,  it is important to get their signed consent. Here are sample release forms that you can use.  In the outside world, it is usually expected that you know this when going into a job or working in the field.

Downloading Online Video

Downloading Web Content (YouTube and More)

  • If you'd like to acquire an online video to use in your project, you will need to convert it into an usable video format first. Firefox has an easy to use plug-in that you can download called Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express.  It will capture all Flash content on a page, even ads, and download them to a folder.  Once the add-on is installed, there will be an icon on the top right of the Firefox window that will be a button that downloads the media from the webpage.  It will download YouTube content as well as many other sites with Flash-based content.  There are many out there for Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.  Search for flash or YouTube downloader under plug-ins or extensions and you'll have your pick.
  • Another option is ClipCoverter - .
  • Zamzar is a useful online utility to convert files up to a certain size.  If you have a large file or you convert files regularly, download the program Adapter.

Adapter Program

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