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Multimedia Project Guidelines: Post Production

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For Beginners...

If you are putting together video footage, we suggest iMovie - especially if you do not have much experience working with footage (found or created from scratch).

We also have DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro X in addition to iMovie on our iMacs in the Media Center

If you are just working with audio - we suggest Audacity or GarageBand programs.

Things to think about...

Post production is where your footage comes together to become what you had envisioned.  Here, you can edit your footage, arrange it to convey exactly what you want.  This can be the most difficult step in the process because you need to have working knowledge of the programs that help you organize and solidify your production so far.

In the Media Center, we mainly use iMovie for the regular user and Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro for the more advanced users.

The polished product you produce is something you can be proud of, so take your time and plan!

General Resources

The library has a subscription to O'Reilly Technical Books.  Many of these books cover many mulitmedia programs that are used in the Media Center. 

Capture Methods


We use Quicktime Player for screen capture.  It is found on all of the Apple computers in the Media Center.  It can record a computer screen a selected window, a webcam or even just audio.  It is very useful.


The Media Center recommends Zoom for recording remotely.  You must initiate the recording though on your end and it will save the video to your account to download after processing.  We prefer this over Skype because of the side-by-side feature where both parties can be seen on video when recorded.  As with any program, an external mic is preferred, so make sure that is set up in the program settings.  The Media Center has higher end webcams if you need them as well as mics.

Google Meet, Skype and FaceTime are also ways to interview someone, but we prefer Zoom for the quality and control the ultimate product.  




You may choose to use Burn for creating a playable DVD.  If you are using Final Cut Pro X, the DVD burning feature is built into the "share" menu, so there is no need to use an external program.




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