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Database Information: Ebook Central

This guide provides detailed information about databases available in the Trible Library, including help, tutorials, and features.





 Most titles have unlimited users, but some are limited to a certain number of users at a time.

 Some titles have limits on printable pages, PDF print or Chapter Downloads.

 Check out time can vary from 7 to 21 days depending on the book.

 This information can be found under the Availability section of the book screen.

special features


  Accessibility Mode is an option that can be turned on in Ebook Central by using a screen reader such as JAWS or VoiceOver.

 Read Books Online or Download

 Browse or Search by Subject

 Search by Library of Congress Subject Heading

 Search by ISBN

 Search by Library of Congress Call Number

 Search by Dewey Decimal Number

standard features


 Citation Exporting to Software

 Citation Formatting

 Download (must create free account)

 Mobile Friendly

 Persistent Linking

 Personal Accounts

 Print (must create free account)

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