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Video Editing Programs: Adobe Premiere Pro

Basic essential training for the video editing programs the Trible Library Media Center supports.


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Computing in the Media Center

The Media Center has the Adobe Creative Cloud on all of the Apple iMac computers.  The Editing Suites are specifically designed with video editing in mind.  These spaces can be accessed by speaking to someone at the media service desk.

E-Book Links

Adobe Premiere Classroom in a Book

Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Full text book and guides to help you in navigating Premiere.  An excellent source for content provided by the Trible Library.

Free Content


Pexels - free video clips, royalty free

Purple Planet - free music audio files, royalty free

Mixkit - free sound effects, royalty free

Pixabay - free images, royalty free

YouTube Video

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts (Official Adobe)

In order to be effective and quick at editing, keyboard shortcuts are essential.  They allow for easier editing and do away with complicated mouse movements.  


How to make a 30 second Commercial?

Many business owners fail to understand that a commercial is the tool that would allow you to rake up your sales and that is why they don’t give it a thought to consider making an advertisement. It is the best marketing tool to take into consideration if you really want to earn a fortune out of your business. A commercial helps the viewers to know about the product and the service provided by the company. However, many new and start up companies do not consider it wise to invest so much in the advertisement. But, just to be clear you don’t really need a lot of money for that. With the advancement in technology, you can create a professional commercial video in a shorter time frame without involving an ad agency from the back of your home.

Things you need to consider while making a commercial:

  1. Flaunt your products – Any business can run great if you exhibit your product’s qualities in front of an audience. You can showcase the best you have by doing this, and just see your revenues soaring up.
  2. Fortify your business – An effective commercial can strengthen your business, because the ads reach more people and the more chances you have of people purchasing your product.
  3. High impact – Advertisements leave a huge impact if made properly,they don’t take much time but can create a long lasting impact on the audience. The content of the ad and the creative nature is something which always attracts the viewers and they like the service you are providing.

In addition to the above three, you should also take into account the following things.

  1. An Engaging Story – A story can tell how people are going to react to the advertisement. It helps to decide what is the fate of the product. The attraction of people towards it comes from the way it is presented, if the story in the ad is something that the audience can connect to then there is no doubt that they are definitely going to buy it. A good story resonates with the audience and they can identify through it. Raise a question about the problem, and develop your story around it, also give a solution about how the problem can be solved using it. This will help the viewer to see himself in it and go and get it.
  2. An Interesting brand personality – A commercial should always depict who you are and what is your brand about. You make an ad but have no reflection on it relating to your service then it is all in vain. Instead of beating about the bush with unnecessary drama make it real and authentic. This will help your audience to understand what it really is and that will make it recognisable and memorable. While advertising, care should be taken to match the feel, look and tone the ad to who you are as a brand,which will increase people’s fascination for it.
  3. An enthralling script – Firstly know who your audience is and create a script that will speak to them directly. From the starting to the end it should be precise and clear. Secondly, always write it by keeping your viewers in mind and look at it from their point of view and just run the story by them.

Always make the video, relevant and different, so when it ends the viewers feel a call to action and think of what to do next, whether to buy it or not. This increases the effectiveness of the video.

  1. A strong edit – If there is anything that is not contributing to the goodwill of the video it is better that you cut it off. The story becomes stagnant because those videos are badly edited. It should be just long enough to get the story out else if the video is longer it won’t work. So, it is  advisable to only put that much which is appealing to the audience, not boring. An unnecessarily long video will make the audience disinterested.

Tips to make a Successful Commercial

A successful ad has to be effective and resonating so that the audience remembers the ad and brand and also the message behind it. These 3 P’s might help you-

  1. Proper Representation – Always try to showcase your content early without hiding it. Keep the pace of the video and display the logo (if any), the product, brand name and yes a tagline about it. If you want you ad to leave an impression, always make an original statement about your brand.
  2. Perfect Story – A great story needs to be relevant and connects with the audience. It could be a happy one or emotional or even satirical. That what matters the most is it should engage the audience.
  3. Prominent Signature character or theme – Setting a theme or character will strengthen the audience’s connection with your ad. A small ad of 30 seconds should have something that is remarkable according to your brand.

In addition to the above three we have some more ways to get people to like your product. For the desired outcome it is always crucial to have a solid, clear strategy before starting anything. For proper marketing your work should go hand in hand with strategy. Moreover the timing is important so the first 3 seconds is when people either lose or gain interest in the ad. This is a common mistake when people do commercials, thus make sure the starting is engaging. Also try to use a good voice over because history as speaks most of the videos get desired attention due to the voice over. Do not use excess of content which can overshadow the real message behind your brand. Give a single message clear and out.



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