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Video Editing Programs: Final Cut Pro X

Basic essential training for the video editing programs the Trible Library Media Center supports.

Essential Links


Safari Books about Final Cut Pro X

Full text book and guides to help you in navigating Premiere.  An excellent source for content provided by the Trible Library.

The Basics Handout for FCPX

Here is a document that was created to help with production in FCPX.

Final Cut Pro X


What is Final Cut Pro X used for? Nonlinear video editing!  It expands on iMovie, allowing for more control over video and audio. This program is considered an industry standard.

The Basics

Apple's professional and prosumer-level video editing software, Final Cut Pro X, treads a fine line between consumers who want more power for their video-editing projects than iMovie offers and professionals who create content for movies and TV. It does a remarkable job of bridging these two worlds, and though pros may complain about its nontraditional trackless timeline and amateurs may scratch their heads over some of its wealth of sophisticated options, it's a magnificent tool for both. --



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