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Records Management: FAQ

Procedures, schedules and forms for the Commonwealth of Virginia's Record Management program.



If you created it for work, it probably is. The Library of Virginia provides a flowchart to help determine if it is a public record. A video is also available: What is a public record?



If you have the original record (i.e. the one that would be produced for a FOIA request, subpoena, investigation, etc.,) then yes, you do need to fill out the form before destroying the records.



No, you do not need to fill out the form; the office with the original record should handle the records management.



Use the volume estimation table to estimate the size



Submit the first form, then start a new form.





Yes, please read and follow the instructions from the Library of Virginia.
Also, please note that you must comply with the records management guidelines for electronic records as well. i.e. fill out the E-RM3 and retain for specified period.



No, the print originals become copies and the electronic version becomes the original record.
"Per the Copies of Originals as Evidence section of the Code of Virginia(8.01-391), public records may be imaged, or reformatted, and maintained electronically. Furthermore, the imaged copy may be used as the record copy and the paper original can be destroyed. Public officials are responsible for ensuring that the imaged records are accurate copies of the originals and must provide access to them for their entire retention period. In addition, there must be a quality control process in place to certify that the imaged records are visually inspected for legibility and integrity, as well as an indexing system to allow for easy access and retrieval. If the records are considered vital a security copy of the images, indexing system and software application must be stored off-site."
Digital Imaging Guidelines from the Library of Virginia.


Library of Virginia - FAQ

CNU Records Manager

Susan Barber, Electronic Resources Coordinator

  •  Phone: 757-594-7046
  • Location: Paul and Rosemary Trible Library
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