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Records Management: Destroying Records

Procedures, schedules and forms for the Commonwealth of Virginia's Record Management program.

Once a form has been approved for destruction, it must be completed within 75 calendar days or it will age out of the system due to inactivity.

BURN Destruction Method

  • The Records Manager will notify the CNU Warehouse staff that your records are ready to be destroyed
  • The Warehouse staff will contact you to arrange pick-up as needed
  • The Warehouse staff will notify the Records Officer when the records have been destroyed
  • The Records Manager will confirm that records have been destroyed
  • You will receive an email confirmation that everything has been  completed*
  • Delete the email
  • You're all done!

*Please note it may take awhile for the records to be burned; don't be concerned that something is wrong.

Other Destruction Methods

  • You will receive an email - Records Destruction Affirmation
  • Destroy records by your chosen method e.g. shredding
  • Go to email message
  • Click the  View Records  button
  • Check the Affirmation box
  • Click the Affirm Destruction button
  • You will receive an email confirmation that everything has been  completed
  • Delete the email
  • You're all done!



Check on My Form's Progress

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