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Procedures, schedules and forms for the Commonwealth of Virginia's Record Management program.

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Top 3 General Schedules

  • These are direct links to the most frequently used General Schedules for CNU.
  • Complete access to all the available General Schedules is also available.

Records Management at the LVA


Sample of Completed Form

Filling out the Certificate of Records Destruction (RM-3 Form) - LVA YouTube video

 Electronic Records Information



  • If multiple RM-3 forms are submitted, all three required signatures must be on each page.
  • Do not let the RM-3 form run over to multiple pages or print double sided. It must be 1 page single sided. Start a new form as needed.
  • Do not modify the RM-3 form.
  • Do not attach anything to the RM-3 form.
  • Each Series you use needs to be on a different line, do not combine them into one line.
  • Form should be typed not handwritten.
  • If you would like to have the completed form reviewed for errors prior to printing and obtaining signatures, you may email the Word Document to for review - once everything is correct, you will still need to send a signed printed version of the document through campus mail.

Records Management Procedures at CNU



1. Fill in Section 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 with the appropriate information for your department.


2. Find the records you want to destroy listed on the General Schedule. (use the search feature) if you are not sure of the schedule number)


3.  Section 6:

  • Part a: list out the schedule number and the series number. (e.g. GS 111-101063)
  • Part b: list the title of the record EXACTLY (tip: copy and paste it from the schedule to the form) as it appears on the Schedule. (e.g. Academic Counseling: Group Files/Test Results)
  • Part c: list the date of the records. (Month/Year - Month/Year); i.e. 1/2012-12/2013 not 2012-2013
  • Part d: list the location where the records are kept.
  • Part e: list the volume/cubic feet size or in bytes for electronic records. (This is required. See the Volume Estimation Table)
  • Part f: list the way you plan to destroy the records (burn, shred, etc.)

for methods of destruction for electronic documents please see The Electronic Records Guidelines from the Library of Virginia: 

(destruction information begins on page 20 of the guide)

and the LVA Video Destroying Electronic Records

4. Section 7, the approving official would be whoever is in charge of your department.


5. Return the form to the Reference Department in Trible Library.


6. The form will be checked and approved and returned to you (or not approved and returned with corrections)


7. Once you have the approved form, you may destroy the records.


8. The person who handles the destruction of the records must then sign and date line 9 (Records Destroyed By:).


9. Last step: the form must be returned to the Reference Department again.

  • We suggest that you keep a copy of the form for your records, but this is not a requirement.
  • The Records Managers will send the original form to the Library of Virginia.
  • You should not send any forms directly to the Library of Virginia.
  • Please forward all forms to the Reference Department of the Trible Library - see contact information below.

CNU Records Manager

Susan Barber, Electronic Resources Coordinator

  •  Phone: 757-594-7046
  • Location: Paul and Rosemary Trible Library
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