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Business Research: Finding Articles: Factiva Tips

how and where to locate articles on business topics

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Useful Search Features

Would you rather listen than read the article?

  • Many of the articles in Factiva provide that option


  • Look for the Listen to Article symbol


Have you found the perfect article?

  • At the bottom of the article screen look for options such as
  • More Like This to see links to similar articles

more like this


  • Related Dow Jones Intelligent Indexing (TM)
  • Click on the related terms to find more articles on those topics

related terms

Factiva - Search Builder

Several options are available for searching in Factiva

main search

  • All the choices work in a similar fashion
  • Type a term in the box or browse the list by clicking on the plus signs
  • To find more information on the term click the I - to add the term to the search click the up arrow - to remove an item click the no circle

industry search box


  • All Sources (blue circle)

Allows you to choose what sources to search

  • All Companies (circled in purple)

Allows you to select a company or companies to add to your search

  • All Subjects (circled in red)

Allows you to select specific topics to search

  • All Industries (circled in Green)

Allows you to select an industry or industries to add to your search

  • All Regions(circled in orange)

Allows you to select an area of the world where you would like to focus your search

  • Look up(circled in pink)

Allows you to search a term and find sources, companies, subjects, industries and regions associated with the term

For example if you type in Iraq you get a list of sources, companies, etc. related to Iraq

Then you can add those to the search box


  • Language (circled in yellow)

Allows you to select the language(s) you want to search

Factiva contains a number of foreign newspapers and other sources, so this can be especially helpful if you want to find items in a certain language or if you only want to find items in English

Factiva - Search Form

  • If you need help constructing a search, use the Search Form 
  • Access it by clicking the link under the Free Text Search
  • You can form the search without the use of boolean operators and still be more precise than with a plain keyword search

Factiva - News Pages

Just need a quick peek at the top business newspapers and magazines?

  • Use The News Pages
  • Click the link in the top bar

news pages

Factiva - More Search Options


  • Clicking the More Options link at the bottom of the search screen allows you to change search options
  • For example if you want to search for business information on the Washington Redskins football team and don't want to get articles about their sports wins or losses - try adding a check to the last box (Obituaries, sports, calendars) to help eliminate those types of articles
  • Or if you are getting too many records, try changing the Search for free-text terms in drop down box and Headline OR Headline and Lead Paragraph this will help limit your search and provide more useful results

more options

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