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Getting Started Guide: Psychology: Tests in Print

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Overview - Tests in Print

Using Tests in Print

Using Tests in Print

Tests in Print is a comprehensive bibliography of commercially-available tests in psychology, education, and related fields.  This series is located in Reference under the call number Ref. BF 431 .T47.

Depending on what information you have about the test, you may locate it in several different ways:

1) If you know the title of the test, use the alphabetical page headings to go directly to the test entry.

2) If you know the author of the test, use the Index of Names to locate the author and his or her published tests.

3) If you know the publisher of the test, use the Publishers' Directory and Index to locate the publishers' tests.

4) If you need to find a test that provides a particular type of score, look up the score in the Score Index to locate the tests that utilize that score.

5) When you have located the test you need, read the descriptive entries for the measure.  These entries include:

  • Test title
  • Brief statement of test purpose
  • Population: For whom is this test intended? This information can include the grade, chronological age, semester range, or employment category of the indended test population.
  • Publication date
  • Acronym
  • Scores: What do the scores measure? What do the scores represent?
  • Administration: Group or individual test?
  • Forms, parts, levels
  • Manual: Is there an associated manual?
  • Restricted distribution
  • Price data
  • Foreign language and other special editions
  • Time (allowable time period for completing test)
  • Comments
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Foreign adaptations
  • Sublistings
  • Cross references: Cross references provide information re: where you may find additional listings in Buros' publications
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