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Getting Started Guide: Psychology: Mental Measurements Yearbook

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Using Mental Measurements Yearbook

Using Mental Measurements Yearbook


After locating a test using Tests in Print, you may then find a review of the test using a Mental Measurments Yearbook. Yearbook volumes are in Reference, call number Ref. BF 431 .M46.

An entry in MML includes the following information:

  • Test entry: basic facts about the test, including title, purpose, population for which the test is intended, publication dates, test acronym, scores the test provides, whether the test is an individual or group test, forms/parts/levels the test provides, whether there is a test manual, whether there is restricted test distribution, pricing, test authors/publishers, etc.
  • Description: description of the instrument, target population, intended uses of the instrument.  Also includes information about test administration, scores, and scoring procedures.  Comparisons with earlier editions of the test may also be included.
  • Development: How was the instrument developed? Did the test author use methods to ensure statistical validity of the measure?
  • Technical: Does the measure exhibit standardidation, reliability, and validity?
  • Commentary: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the measure?
  • Summary: A concise set of conclusions and recommendations regarding the quality of the test.
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