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Financial Ratios: Company Ratios

finding financial ratios for a company

Finding Company Finanical Ratios (select a tab for instructions)

1. Type the name of the company in the search box

company search

2. In the result list find the Company Profile

3. Click the Financials link

select financials

4. Click the Ratios tab and select desired options

select ratios

1. Click on Companies/Markets (outlined in purple)

companies/markets tab

2. Click on  Company (outlined in purple)

select company

3. Search for the company

search for company

4. Select the company from the results list

5. Click on the Financial Results link (outlined in purple)

select financial results

6. From the drop down menu select the choice Key Ratios

select Key Ratios

1. Search for the company


search for company



2. Click on the Company Financials tab (underneath the blue section of the company's information)

3. Click Ratios (just below the tabs)

4. Use the drop down box to select a time period

5. Then click the Refresh button

6. You can download the results to Excel by clicking on the Download link next to the My Mergent Tools box

company financials tab

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