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Financial Ratios: Company to Company

finding financial ratios for a company

Comparing Ratios: Company to Company (select a tab)

  • Below the basic search box is a menu bar
  • Use the Browse option (image of a lightbulb)
  • Click on Financial Reports



browse menu


  • Search by name or ticker symbol or browse the list of company names
  • Select the company you want


financial reports search screen


  • Select Ratios from  the menu bar
  • In the Compare with Company box add a company name or ticker symbol
  • Select the company you want from the available list
  • The Additional companies will be shown side by side on the screen


menu select ratios
compare companies microsoft, apple, IBM


1. On the main screen search for a company (outlined in purple)

search for company

2. On the company report page choose the Competitors tab (outlined in purple)

choose competitors tab

3. Add or remove competitors from the list as needed (or use the list as is)

4. Click the Add All to Company Analysis List link (outlined in purple)


add to company analysis

5. Click the Company Analysis List link (outlined in purple)

click company anlysis list

6. Click the Company Comparison Report link at the top of the page (outlined in purple)

click company comparison link

7. On the Comparison Reporting Selection Screen choose the companies you want to use  in section 1 (outlined in purple) and choose the ratios you want to use in section 2 (outlined in blue) using the arrows to move items between the boxes as needed

8. Select the year(s) for the report (outlined in red)

9. Select the report format from the drop down box; then click the Creat Report button (outlined in green)


comparison reporting selection screen



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