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CNU Faculty Publications: 1980-1989

Eugene O'Neill: An Annotated Bibliography
Pensions in the U. S. Economy
The 21st Century : Visions of the Future
History of the U. S. Army
The Saint Play in Medieval Europe
Vous y ╦ćetes! French for Proficiency
Basic Analysis of Variance Procedures for Psychologists
The Best on the Bay: Fifty Years of Racing
Critical Thinking: An Introduction to Informal Logic
Freedom and Control
History of the US Navy
Peace and War: Essays written by Christopher Newport College Faculty Members
Study guide for Joseph F. Healey Statistics: A Tool for Social Research
The Christmas Tugboat : A Story of the Chesapeake Bay
Masters of the Bay: Stories of the Virginia Pilots
Chronographia, a Chronicle of Eighth Century Byzantium
The Bay: It Makes Us Who We Are
The Elements of Psychophysics
Proceedings of the Conference on Critical Thinking
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