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CNU Faculty Publications: 2020-2029

The Velveteen Rabbit At 100
Shipwrecked: A True Civil War Story of Mutinies, Jailbreaks, Blockade-running, and the Slave Trade
Heaven Has Eyes: Law and Justice in Chinese History
Glocalization and the Development of a Hybrid Leadership Model
Women of the Transcendentalist Club
Common Sense and Science from Aristotle to Reid
Table Lands: : Food in Children's Literature
Direct, Digital and Data-Driven Marketing
Louis Sébastien Mercier
From Chu Lai to Saigon: : The Vietnam Journey of Brig. Gen. Wallace L. Clement
How America Was Tricked on Tax Policy: Secrets and Undisclosed Practices
Leadership Across Boundaries: A Passage to Aporia
This Way Back
To Address You as My Friend : African Americans' Letters to Abraham Lincoln
Material Insurgency : Towards a Distributed Environmental Politics
My Work Among the Freedmen: The Civil War and Reconstruction Letters of Harriet M. Buss
Selling and Sales Management: Developing Skills for Success
Gender, Power, and Non-Governance
Persuasion in Society
Writers, Editors and Exemplars in Medieval English Texts
A House Built by Slaves
Resurrecting Jane de la Vaudère
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