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CNU Faculty Publications: 1970-1979

The Hughes Free Public Library, Rugby, Tennessee, 1880-1895
KeKepone: The Poisoning of the James River
Wolfert's Roost
Byzantium and the Arabs during the Isaurian Period 717-802 A.D.
Our Maritime Heritage: Maritime Developments and their Impact on American Life
Statistics for Psychology
Virginia's Boundaries
Yorktown and the Royal Deux-Ponts Regiment: A Series of Articles
An Examination of the Concept of Comprehensiveness with Special Reference to its use in Urban Planning : A Dissertation
Musical Activity in Norfolk, Virginia, 1680-1973
Dictionary of American Philosophy
The New Dictionary of Existentialism
Bibliography on the Scyphozoa with Selected References on Hydrozoa and Anthozoa
Experimental Chemistry
Kants Kritik der reinen Vernunft: ihr Einfluss und ihre Interpretation in der britischen Philosophie des 19. Jahrhunderts
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