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Careers: Research & Resources: Government

A guide designed to provide CNU students with the information they need to prepare for the job search.

Research a Government Agency

The best place to find information on a Government  (federal, state, or local) Agency, Department or public school will be through the entity's website.

In the News

Be sure to keep up with the latest news  - you could be asked your opinion on a current crisis, project, or initiative.

Public Schools





If you are researching a public school in addition to the school's website

  • Check the U.S. Department of Education website
  • Check the State's Department of Education website (Virginia's is provided below.)
  • Also check to see if their is a website dedicated to the school system (Examples are provided below.)



Find it Online!

Google Web Search

That's right - find the web site and look it over!

See if they have an Annual Report Posted!

See if they have a Mission Statement, Business Plan, or other statement of purpose posted!

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