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Getting Started Guide: Book Reviews: Home

finding book reviews

internet sources

Use to expand your research; be sure to evaluate!

keep in mind

  • These resources are for book reviews - not literary criticisms.
  • You may need to look in more than one place.
  • Remember not all books have been reviewed.  If you have checked the most likely places for book reviews for your title, it is possible no one reviewed the book.
  • If your book is a reprint or other than a first edition; it may not have been reviewed in that version. However, you may be able to find a review of the original or earlier edition of the same book.


the more you know...

  • Know the year your book was published. Most reviews are published the year of the book publication - if the book was published in January or December, you may find reviews dated the previous year or following year.

  • Know the author as well as the title - books may have the same or similar titles - so adding the author to your search may help.


ask for help

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