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Getting Started Guide: Music Research: Journal Articles

Music Research Resources

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals

Remember to consider the type of material you find - is it a scholarly or popular article? 

Use this handy chart to determine what you have - you might bookmark this for future reference!


  Scholarly Publication:
Journals, print and online
Popular Publication:
Magazines and newspapers, print and online
Botany Journal cover
People Magazine cover
Author Is a noted professional or expert Is a journalist, student, popular author; or may not be listed
Advertising Very little or highly specialized Significant amount
Audience Advanced reading level; may have specialized vocabulary Basic reading level for a general audience
Bibliography, Sources or 
List of Works Cited
A list of references is included at the end of each article Articles rarely include references, bibliographies or lists of works cited
Indexing Articles are listed in specialized databases and indexes; for example PsycINFO, EBSCOHost or JSTOR Articles are listed in general databases and indexes; for example Reader's Guide or  Periodicals Index
Level of Language higher level language, topics are more narrowly focused, serious tone, words used are specific to a discipline, written by experts broad and simple language, general topics, written to be understood by  almost anyone 
Purpose Discusses a specific scholarly field Current events, general interest items
Review Policy Articles are reviewed by peers; experts in the field. Editorial board is composed of scholars in the field Editor or editorial board are members of the magazine's staff
More Examples
Journal of Biological Chemistry cover

Harvard Business Review, Lancet, Modern Fiction Studies, Nature

Time Magazine cover

People, Cooking Light, US News and World Report, Publisher's Weekly, Sports Illustrated, National Inquirer


Online Databases

JournalFinder Search


If there are results:

  • Click on the computer icon for online holdings
  • Click on the book icon for print holdings in the Library
  • Click on the car icon to check for holdings at other local libraries

If there are no results:

  • Use ILL@CNU, the Interlibrary Loan system to request the article you need 


  • Check for holdings at other local libraries, and take your VTC card and go get the article yourself.


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