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What can I do with a major in...?: General

Career resources for your major.

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Picking a Major Advice

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  • Take an introductory course in the major
  • Talk with faculty in the department of your major
  • Talk with students who chose the major
  • Talk with someone in a career of interest and ask about their major
  • Try volunteering or interning in a career of interest; then if you like it choose an appropriate major
  • Be sensible -

- Hate the thought of dissecting an animal? Maybe Biology isn't the way to go.

- Can't stand the thought of having to read a lot of fiction? Strike English Lit

- Can't carry a tune - even with a bucket? Perhaps music isn't your best choice.

If you really hate doing something that is a big part of a college major or career choice, you should consider avoiding those choices.

On the other hand if you really love something take a look at some career options that are available.

Already have a career goal in mind? See which majors will help you get there.


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Try some assessment tests and quizzes. You may learn something about yourself and it may give you some new ideas of which majors to investigate further.

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