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Permalinks (for use in Scholar, syllabi, etc.): Permalinks for Items

Provides instructions on creating permanent links to library materials that are in subscription databases including articles, ebooks, streaming video, etc.

  • Many databases provide you with a link that says it is a Permalink (EBSCO), Stable URL (JSTOR), Document URL (PROQUEST) etc.
  • Some provide a sharing symbol to click to give you a sharable permalinkgrey dots with links
  • Some databases do allow you to use the link you see in your browser bar
  • DOI numbers link to the journal publisher's website; in most cases the full-text is not accessible there for free
  • Depending on the database you are in and where you are located when you create the link you may need to add the proxy prefix in order to insure students can access the item both on and off campus
  • Links that start with the already contain the prefix and will work on and off campus
  • Links that do not contain the prefix need to have it added
  • With so many different databases, we realize this can be confusing, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance
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