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Open Education Resources (OER): Finding Open Images

Information about and links to Open Education Resources

Copyright-Friendly Music and Sounds

ccMixter - Thousands of free sounds and music to download and use.

Piano Society - Classical piano music uploaded by users that is free to use.

YouTube Audio Library - Download background music for your video, completely free.

Jamendo - An independent music community with unlimited free streaming and downloading.

Free Music Archive - Many genres available as well as curated sounds to help you find what you need.

SoundBible - Free sound clips, sound bites and sound effects.

Audionautix by Jason Shaw - Original, electronic songs that are free to use.

Netlabels - Part of the Internet Archive.  The collection is completely free with catalogs of virtual record labels.

Partners in Rhyme - Some pay and some free content.  Also has effects, Midi and loops to use.

Moby Gratis - Created by the artist, Moby, Online application system, which registers you to use the site. 

Incompetech - Background music to download by Kevin MacLeod.

Sound Search Engine - Huge site for finding sound effects. - Images and video to freely use.

Classic Cat - Find classical music for video soundtracks.

Purple Planet - Lots of free full length songs to download and use.

Zap Splat - Free sound effects with a huge variety to choose from.

Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project - Mostly Public Domain songs that have been digitized before 1924.

Soungle - Royalty free sound effect search engine. - Samples and search engine with a forum for discussions.

Finding Open Images

There are a lot of image resources on the web, here are just a few approaches to help you find open licensed images to use in your courses. For even more see the Media Center Photo Sites page.

  • Google Image Search – will help you find results from Flickr, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and general web pages
    • you can take advantage of the advanced image search, to refine your searching and to select a CC licensing you prefer in two ways..
    • Use the licensing filter
      1. Once you type in your search term, you will get an initial set of results
      2. you will have a list of filters on the top of the page, click on Search Tools
      3. use the licensing pull-down filter named Usage Rights to select the Creative Commons license you wish to search for. 
      • Google search filters
    • Use the Google Advanced Search
      • at the bottom of the advanced search page, you can use the Usage Rights pull down to select the Creative Commons license you wish to search for.
      • image of Google advanced search screen
    • Reminder – even though you filter, check on the actual image site to be sure of the CC licensing or user permissions.
  • Openverse - easily search for images and audio material with Creative Commons licenses.
  • Flickr - is to image sharing as YouTube is to video sharing. There is content from individuals as well as organizations like the Metropolitan Museum, of Art and the Library of Congress among others.
    • take advantage of the advanced image search, to refine your searching and to select a CC licensing you want to search for
      (last option on the advanced search page)
    • check out the Flickr Commons for public photo archives (
    • reminder – even though you filter, check on the actual image to be sure of the CC licensing or user permissions
  • OpenClipart – all clipart in OpenClipart is in the public domain.
    • Browse by search, collection, or alphabetically by keyword.
    • All images can be downloaded in .SVG, .PDF, and .PNG (up to 2000px X 2000px) formats.
  • TheNounProject - The Noun Project is a collection of openly licensed icons.  Most icons can be downloaded as both .PNG or .SVG files.  All icons can be downloaded free of copyright for a small fee (usually a couple dollars), or free of charge under the terms of a Creative Commons license.  Note that when an icon is downloaded free of charge, the illustrator's name is in the lower left corner of the image.  This can be cropped off, but attribution must still be given in an appropriate place near the use of the image. 
  • Europeana – is a gateway to European cultural assets, through this one site you can search for artworks, cultural items, archival collections from participating institutions all around Europe.  This site is a gateway, and once you have selected the items you want you will be redirected to the website of the institution that owns the item, and often these sites will not have English translations.  To find an item with the Creative Commons licensing you prefer - 
    • Once you type in your initial search on the main page, you will have a list of filters on the left hand side of the page
    • Use the "Can I use it?" and "By Copyright" filters to narrow down your results

This is not a complete list, and this list will be periodically updated. Created by Cody Taylor at U. of Oklahoma.


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