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Josephine L. Hughes Collection - Researched!: Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research by students in MUSC 305

Research Continued!

Students in MUSC 305 and MUSC 490 have continued to research the Hughes collection!

Here are four "back stories" to enhance the scope of the collection.

That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune!

In a research paper for MUSC 490, student Jackie Pileckas writes about how Irving Berlin takes the tune from Mendelssohn's "Spring Song" and creates a popular rag-time song. (Spring 2017)

The Banjo

Student Kerry Troy writes, "H.C. Harris’ “The Banjo” is one of several works associated with the instrument during the nineteenth century, but despite its name, is played on piano. .... This paper will examine a brief history of the minstrel tradition, the rise of the banjo-imitation genre, and how piano composers, such as H.C. Harris and Louis Moreau Gottschalk, bridged the gap between lower and upper classes with their music." (Spring 2016)

Nicholson's Quickstep

Researching mid-nineteenth century parlor music, student Rachel King writes about how unique this piece of piano music was, reflecting effects of the current events of the time. (Spring 2016)

The Old Armchair

Student Callie Boone writes, "The Old Armchair is a short ballad that was written in 1840 by Henry Russell. .... This piece was a crucial part of the American parlor music tradition in the 1840’s and reflects much of the nostalgia and intimacy that accompanies such pieces, known as ‘mother songs.’" (Spring 2015) 

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