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Graduate Studies Library Resources: CSE Citation Style

Advice from a Librarian

Common Citation Mistakes:

  • If cited in the text there needs to be a corresponding entry in the Literature Cited section.
  • Check capitalization.  If copy and pasting article information to a citation manager, it may show up in the Lit Cited with all words capitalized.
  • Not all computer generated citations are correct - review the results against the style guide. 


  • Use only the information in your Literature Cited citations to make sure you can find each item.  If not, fill in the missing data. Can be a good break from writing, or fun for a friend who likes puzzles.
  • Whichever citation style you choose, make sure you are consistent.
  • If you have questions, consult a librarian or the Writing Center.

CSE Citation Style Manual

The 8th edition of the manual, with its author changed to the CSE (Council of Science Editors) instead of the 7th edition by the CBE (Council of Biology Editors) that is listed in the Grad Studies Policy Manual last updated in April 2019.

This is the required format for M.S. Environmental Studies theses. However, check with your advisor.  If you might publish the work as an article, you should be able to use that journals citation style.  Instructions are using listed on the journals Author Instructions webpages.  And be consistent.

CSE Citation Style Quickguide by Dalhousie University

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