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Graduate Studies Library Resources: AIP Citation Style

Advice from a Librarian

Common Citation Mistakes:

  • If cited in the text there needs to be a corresponding entry in the Literature Cited section.
  • Check capitalization.  If copy and pasting article information to a citation manager, it may show up in the Lit Cited with all words capitalized.
  • Not all computer generated citations are correct - review the results against the style guide. 


  • Use only the information in your Literature Cited citations to make sure you can find each item.  If not, fill in the missing data. Can be a good break from writing, or fun for a friend who likes puzzles.
  • Whichever citation style you choose, make sure you are consistent.
  • If you have questions, consult a librarian or the Writing Center.


If citations are obtained via BibTeX and the CNU LaTeX template is used, it should follow the information provided below which is based on the official AIP Style Manual 4th edition, with additional samples for digital material not covered in that document.

Citation numbers are given in [brackets] before each citation in the Literature Review section - in order by their first appearance in the paper.

Each author or editor is listed by their first and middle initial (if given) followed by their last name. Example: J. Smith or J. C. Smith
Two authors are listed with 'and' between them.  Example: A. Riedl and N. Siasi
Three or more authors have Author1, Author2, Author3, and Author4,  Example: R. K. Ahuja, T. L. Magnanti, J. B. Orlin, and M. Reddy


Journal Article
[#] Author first initial Author last name, "Article title only first word capitalized even for acronyms," Journal Title Capitalized Volume # Bold, inclusive pages (Year of publication).

[#] L. Liu, S. Guo, G. Liu, and Y. Yang, “Joint dynamical vnf placement and sfc routing in nfv-enabled sdns,” IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 18, 4263-4276 (2021).

arXiv preprint
[#] Author first initial Author last name, "Article title only first word capitalized even for acronyms," arXiv preprint (serves as a journal title) arXiv: number(serves as a page number) [subject code] (date of publication).

[#] W. Yoon, J. Lee, D. Kim, M. Jeong, and J. Kang, “Pre-trained language model for biomedical question answering,” arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.08229 [cs.CL] (2019).

[#] Author first initial Author Last name, "Article title only first word capitalized even for acronyms," in Proceedings title with only first word capitalized even for acronyms (year of publication), pp. inclusive page numbers.

[#] A. Riedl and N. Siasi, “Optimal service provisioning schemes for multi-layer fog networks,” in 2021 ieee globecom workshops (gc wkshps) (2021), pp. 1–6.

[#] Author first initial  Author Last name, Thesis Title Capitalized and in Italics. Degree Document, Institution, year of publication.

Usually either MS Thesis, MA Thesis, or PhD Dissertation.

[#] M.L. Bartgis. Towards an Assignment Description Language for Assignment Test Generation. MS Thesis, Christopher Newport University, 2020

[#] Author first initial  Author Last name, Book Title Capitalized and in Italics, additional edition or volume information (Publisher, Location, year of publication), pp. inclusive pages.
A page (p.) or pages (pp.) numbers are included only if a specific portion was used.

[#] E. W. Noreen, Computer-intensive Methods for Testing Hypotheses, 2nd ed. (Wiley New York, 1989), p.126.

Book Chapter
[#] Chapter Author first initial Chapter Author Last name, in Book Title Capitalized and in Italics, edited by Editor first initial Editor last name, (Publisher, Location, year of publication) pp. inclusive pages.

[#] R. K. Ahuja, T. L. Magnanti, J. B. Orlin, and M. Reddy, in Network Models: Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science vol. 7, edited by M.O. Ball, T.L. Magnati, C.L. Monma, G.L. Nemhauser, (Elsevier Science, New York, 1995) pp.1–83.

Guidance on this differs since the AIP style manual does not give instructions for referencing online sources. The important thing is to include the URL of the website and the access date along with any author available and the title of the webpage.

[#] Author first initial  Author Last name, Title of webpage, URL (access date).

Sometimes a webpage is part of a bigger whole and can be treated as an article on a website.
[#] Author first initial  Author Last name, Title of webpage, Title of Website, URL (access date).

[#] Advanced message queueing protocol overview, (accessed 12/21/2021).

[#] B. Cross, "Where does the word atom come from and who first used this word?" JLab Science Education Questions and Answers https: // (visited on 03/31/2022).

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