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Finding Movies (films, documentaries, etc.): Streaming

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For additional details on Streaming Video - please see this Guide

Streaming Databases

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Searching the catalog - limit to either DVDs, Blu-ray, Streaming or a combination

  • You can search the catalog for DVDs and Blu-ray discs the same way you do for books. Below are some tips to help you limit your search
  • Type your search words in the box below
  • On the results page at the top click the link Modify Search

modify search screen shot

  • You will be taken to a search screen with a box that says Add Limits (Optional)
  • To choose what format you want, scroll down to the Material Type box and scroll through the choices
  • Click on Streaming Video, DVD or Blu-ray as needed (to combine formats hold down the Ctrl key and click on more than one)


Material type Streaming Video screenshot



Material type DVD Blu-ray screenshot

  • Then click the Submit Link (in box above the location) to apply the limit

submit link screenshot

  • This should supply a list of the chosen material type(s)

DVD, Blu-ray, streaming results screenshot


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