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Article Search Tips: Refereed or Peer Reviewed

This guide provides tips that can be used when searching for articles in databases; including how to locate the full text of articles.

What does it mean?

  • Refereed or Peer Reviewed

Peer-reviewed and refereed are synonyms. In a peer-reviewed journal, articles are examined by experts in the field to determine their merit.

These experts will read the work and determine the accuracy of statements made, citations, etc.

Peer reviewed journals are usually scholarly in nature, but may occasionally be trade journals and reviewed by people who work in a particular field – chemistry, automotive, etc.

How do I know if it is?

There are several ways to find out

  • In general, newspapers and popular magazines, such as The New York Times or Business Week, won't be peer reviewed. Neither will primary source materials for historical research (diaries, oral histories, interviews, etc.)
  • Some databases allow you to limit to titles that are refereed or peer reviewed (limiters are typically on the left side of the results screen.)
  • Some databases will tell you on the main page of the journal.
  • Check the website for the journal; usually the About section or the Publishing Guidelines will indicate if there is a peer review policy.
  • Check the Ulrich's Periodical Directory (linked below) and it will indicate if it is. Search by the journal title or issn.

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