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Special Collections and University Archives: Josephine L. Hughes

The Josephine L. Hughes Collection

This collection includes over one hundred books and over 5,000 pieces of American sheet music dating from the 1790s to the 1940s.  The books have been cataloged in the Library's online catalog, and the sheet music has been inventoried on an Excel spreadsheet.  Sample images from the sheet music are available.  A journal article was published in the Virginia Libraries in 2004.

Alice Waltz

 Alice Waltz

Alice Waltz, Cover



 Alnilam (First Page)

Alnilam, First Page


 Alnilam (Inside Cover)

Alnilam, Inside Cover


The Cabinet

The Cabinet (First Page)

The Cabinet, First Page


The Old Arm Chair

 The Old Arm Chair (First Page)

Old Arm Chair, First Page


 The Old Arm Chair (Inside Page)

Old Arm Chair, Inside Page


Champagne Charlie

 Champagne Charlie (Cover)

Champagne Charlie, Cover


 Champagne Charlie (Back Cover)

Champagne Charlie, Back Cover


Ellen Bayne

 Ellen Bayne (Front Cover)

Ellen Bayne, Front Cover


 Ellen Bayne (First Page)

Ellen Bayne, First Page


Father of the Land We Love

 Father of the Land We Love (Front Cover)

Father of the Land We Love, Front Cover


 Father of the Land We Love (First Page)

Father of the Land We Love, First Page


America's Glory

 America's Glory (Front Cover)

America's Glory, Front Cover


 America's Glory (Second Page)

America's Glory, Second Page





Lilliburlero, hand-written


Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic March

 Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic March (Front Cover)

Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic March, Front Cover


 Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic March (First Page)

Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic March, First Page


Set of Fashionable Quadrilles

 Set of Fashionable Quadrilles (Front Cover)

Set of Fashionable Quadrilles, Front Cover


 Set of Fashionable Quadrilles (Second Page)

Set of Fashionable Quadrilles, Second Page


Horticultural Rag


Horticultural Rag

Horticultural Rag, hand-written


Ah! Tender Flow-ret


Ah! Tender Flow-ret

Ah! Tender Flow-ret


Birthday of Washington


Birthday of Washington

Birthday of Washington


Willie We Have Missed You

 Willie We Have Missed You (Front Cover)

Willie We Have Missed You, Front Cover


 Willie We Have Missed You (Back Cover)

Willie We Have Missed You, Back Cover


Woodman! Spare That Tree

 Woodman! Spare That Tree (Front Cover)

Woodman! Spare That Tree, Front Cover


 Woodman! Spare That Tree (First Page)

Woodman! Spare That Tree, First Page


Sample back cover


Sample back cover -

Horticultural Rag, hand-written


Undergraduate Research with the Collection

Beginning in the Spring 2015, students in Music 305 began to research the back stories and history behind some of the music in the Josephine L. Hughes Collection.  Continuing in the Fall semester, more research was conducted and this work culminated in a Spring 2016 performance, called "Parlor Songs: A Musical Soiree ..." where the students described their findings and then performed the piece of music.  It was an exciting event.  The research will continue, and is posted together on this page.

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