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Zotero Citation Management: Zotero Proxy Settings

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Turn Off Zotero Proxy

As of January 2023, the Trible Library uses EZ Proxy to connect you to our subscribed resources from off campus. The Zotero Connector for the Chrome and Firefox browsers allows you to configure proxy access to subscribed library resources. Zotero proxy redirection is not available in Safari.

What you will see:
If you access our subscribed resources from a browser with the Zotero Connector installed, you will see a bright yellow bar telling you that a proxy has been detected and asks if you want to remember it in the future, or has an option to Don't Proxy This Site.

What you should do:
It is recommended to not use the Proxy through Zotero since the proxy redirection in the Zotero Connector can cause problems.

Option 1:  Click the "Don't Proxy This Site" button.   The worst that would happen is you might have to enter your CNU credentials to view an article from off campus.

Option 2 (suggested):  Disable the proxy setting entirely. Go to the Proxy Settings and uncheck the Enable Proxy Redirection box so no boxes are filled in as shown below.

To access the Proxy Settings:
Right-click the Zotero Connector in your browser and choose options (Chrome) or manage extension ⇒ options in Firefox. Choose Proxies, then uncheck the Enable proxy redirection box. 

Meaning of the Proxy Settings

It is recommended that you disable the proxy settings entirely, but to understand your options, the Zotero Connect Proxy Preference Settings documentation describes them as folllows:

"The Proxies preferences allow you to adjust the following options:

  • Enable proxy redirection

    • Zotero's proxy redirection is enabled by default. Uncheck this option to disable proxy redirection. You can do this temporarily and your proxy settings will remain saved. Do not use this option if you no longer have access to the saved proxies. In that case, delete those settings by selecting them in the “Configured Proxies” box and pressing the minus (-) button below it.

  • Show a notification when redirecting through a proxy

    • By default, Zotero will show a temporary banner at the top of your browser when it redirects through a saved proxy. Uncheck this box to disable this notification.

  • Automatically detect new proxies

    • By default, Zotero will automatically detect when you visit a page through an institutional proxy and offer to remember the proxy the next time you visit the website. Uncheck this box to prevent Zotero from prompting you to store proxies it detects."

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