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Research skill tutorials and trainings available for different science literacy elements.


Tutorials are arranged similar to our I.D.E.A. tutorial LibGuide.

I.D.E.A. is an acronym to help guide you through the research process.


A survey of Research Needs of Science Students was conducted with OENB and MBCH faculty in April 2022 with a 35% return rate.

With the increased use of digital technologies in the last 2 years, we were looking to ascertain if, when, and how certain library/science information literacy instruction could be incorporated in the department or individual classes. Our thought was to use the results to best tailor our offerings to students in the sciences at their point of need.

Based on the results, the traditional full period classroom instruction is no longer a preferred method.  Interactive online tutorials, active learning exercises, and short online videos were highly favored.  There was an indication that workshops might be useful, but we decided to focus on the tutorials.

This LibGuide is a work in progress to put our existing tutorials at your fingertips while adding additional topics and science specific versions of some existing tutorials.

We are looking for your feedback as to whether this is a resource worth pursuing.  We want to provide information literacy instruction that the students need in a way that is appropriate for both students learning preferences and faculty class time.

Questions or feedback can be sent to the Head of Reference/Sciences Liaison or Head of instruction


The survey was inspired by:
Witherspoon, R., Taber, P., & Goudreau, A. (2022). Science Students’ Information Literacy Needs: A Survey of Science Faculty on What and When Each Skill Is Needed. College & Research Libraries, 83(2), 296.

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