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How to Avoid Plagiarism - Workshop and Notes: Honor Week 2017

Acronyms to Remember

CNU - For Students!

C = Connect and care about what you're doing!  Assignments are important; when you care what you need to do, the temptation is not as strong to skimp on the details.

N = Never, never!  Never hesitate to ask for help, and never go in to the assignment blind.  Know your limits - personally (what your body can stand, late nights, caffeine, etc.) and academically (deadlines, what has to happen when, does it require group work, etc.)

U = Use all available resources! People and research resources are all around.  Librarians, Writing Center staff, professors - everyone wants you to succeed, and we expect you will ask for help.  Take full advantage of the research resources - books, databases, journal articles, research studies - your tuition dollars at work!

Flowchart for Citing What You Find

Never Hesitate to Get Help!

Never hesitate to get help!  We expect that you will need to ask!





You can contact a librarian, or make an appointment in the Writing Center, or ask your professor.


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