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Becoming a Librarian: Getting your Degree

Library Schools

Alabama, University of


Albany, State University of New York


Alberta, University of


Arizona, University of


British Columbia, University of


Buffalo, State University of New York


California - Los Angeles, University of


Catholic University of America


Clarion University of Pennsylvania


Dalhousie University


Denver, University of


Dominican University


Drexel University


East Carolina University


Emporia State University


Florida State University


Hawaii, University of


Illinois, University of


Indiana University - Bloomington


Indiana University - Purdue


Iowa, University of


Kent State University


Kentucky, University of


Long Island University


Louisiana State University


McGill University


Maryland, University of


Michigan, University of


Missouri, University of


North Carolina - Chapel Hill, University of


North Carolina - Greensboro, University of


North Carolina Central University


North Texas, University of


Oklahoma, University of


Old Dominion University


Ottawa, University of


Pittsburgh, University of


Pratt Institute


Puerto Rico, University of


Queens College, City University of New York


Rhode Island, University of


Rutgers University


St. Catherine University


St. John's University


San Jose State University


Simmons College


South Carolina, University of


South Florida, University of


Southern Mississippi, University of


Syracuse University


Tennessee, University of


Texas - Austin, University of


Texas Woman's University


Toronto, University of


Valdosta State University


Washington, University of


Wayne State University


Western Ontario, University of


Wisconsin - Madison, University of


Wisconsin - Milwaukee, University of

Getting into an MLS Program

In order to get a Librarian position you need to have a Master's of Library Science degree, Master's of Library and Information Science, or something similar like a Master's in Information Science. The Graduate program you attend needs to have been accredited by the American Library Association.  See the list of schools to the left.

Admission requirements very by program; review the requirements carefully before submitting your application.

Look for this symbol

ALA accredited symbolLook for this symbol while school hunting!

Can't Decide?

Having trouble deciding which school is right for you? Here is a website that might help. It has different ranking systems based on what focus you want as well as other helpful tips.


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Do you have specific program needs?

Is there something specific you are looking for in a program? For example, do you need it to be 100% online, or offer specific specialties like book art or health librarianship? Here is the place for you. This link will allow you to search through all ALA accredited programs looking for something specific with one click.

Now What?

So you've gotten into an ALA accredited MLS program, what do you do now? Here is a newsletter from ALA filled with advice about how to successfully navigate your way in completing your degree.

Get a Job

Here are several websites dedicated to the library job hunt. Obviously these are just a few of the many resources you can try.

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