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Primary Sources: Japan: Contents

primary source materials related to Japan


Primary source materials may contain language or images that are considered to be offensive in today's world.

These materials are a reflection of the language and culture of the time period in which they were written.

Guide to Japanese Time Periods

Jōmon Period ca. 13,000-1000 BCE
Yayoi Period ca. 1000-250 BCE
Kofun Period 250 BCE-538 CE
Asuka Period 538-710 CE
Nara Period 710-794 CE
Heian Period 794-1185 CE
Kamakura* Period 1185-1333 CE
Muromachi* Period 1333-1568 CE
Azuchi-Momoyama* Period 1568-1600 CE
Edo Period 1600-1868 CE
Meiji Period 1868-1912 CE
Taishō Period 1912-1926 CE
Shōwa Period 1926-1989 CE
Heisei Period 1989-2019 CE
Reiwa Period 2019-present CE

*Feudal Japan

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