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The Virginia Gazette

"The Virginia Gazette was the official newspaper of Virginia, printed in Williamsburg from 1736 until 1780. When the capital of Virginia moved to Richmond in 1780, printers transferred their businesses to the new seat of government. Both Dixon & Nicolson and Clarkson & Davis resumed their papers in Richmond."

Colonial Williamsburg, John D. Rockefeller Library

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The publishers of The Virginia Gazette were:

  •     William Parks 1736-50
  •     William Hunter 1751-61
  •     Joseph Royle 1761-65
  •     Alexander Purdie & Co. 1765-66
  •     Alex. Purdie & John Dixon 1766-75
  •     William Rind 1766-73
  •     Clemintina Rind 1773-74
  •     John Pinkney 1774-76
  •     Alex. Purdie 1775-79 
  •     John Dixon & William Hunter Jr. 1775-78
  •     John Dixon & Thomas Nicolson 1779-Apr 1780
  •     John Clarkson & Augustine Davis 1779-Dec 1780

Not all the issues survived. Those available were assembled and microfilmed in 1950, and a subject index was created at the same time. This microfilm was the basis for the current image version.

Several institutions contributed issues for the initial microfilming and are cooperating in the production of the current project:
College of William and Mary; Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; The Johns Hopkins University; Maryland Historical Society; Massachusetts Historical Society; Virginia Historical Society.

During some years, two and sometimes three versions of the paper were published. All versions are included in the database.

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