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places to start your research

new sources

Use for news articles - current & historical

primary sources

Use to make your topic come alive

internet sources

Use to expand your research; be sure to evaluate!

the more you know...

  • Knowing basics about your topic (names of people involved, dates, etc.) is helpful before you begin researching.
  • If you don't have any background information, try using reference sources for some basics.
  • This can also help you think of other keywords or synonyms to use in searches.
  • Research the specific people (if any) involved in the topic as well as the topic itself.
  • Did they perhaps write something about it? Search for them as an author.
  • If you find one article or book, but need more, consult the bibliography for sources.
  • Many databases have a find more like this link in the articles, use it to see more articles related to the topic.

ask for help

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