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Zotero Citation Management: Zotero for Mobile Devices

Research/source organizing

What is Zotero for Mobile Devices?

The Zotero community has developed a "bookmarklet" to assist researchers while browsing content on a variety of mobile devices.  In general, the features of the bookmarklet version are more limited than Zotero Standalone or Zotero for Firefox.  The primary use of the bookmarklet is to save whatever page you are reading to your Zotero library for reference later.

The process for installing and using the Zotero bookmarklet varies depending on the browser you are using.  Currently, the Zotero bookmarklet feature is available for the following platforms and devices:

  • Desktop Computers (but you should probably consider using Zotero Standalone or Zotero for Firefox at a computer)
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Chrome for Android
  • Android Browser
  • Firefox Mobile Browser
  • Opera Mobile/Mini

How do I get Zotero for Mobile Devices?

There are currently no official Zotero apps!

However, if you would like to use Zotero on your mobile device, there are several options available:

For platform and device specific instructions, visit the official Zotero Bookmarklet page (

After following the instructions, you can visit any webpage on the device and save captured bibliographic information and a snapshot of the webpage you are viewing to your Zotero library by clicking on a "Save to Zotero" bookmark.

Third-party apps (generally, not officially supported by Zotero) are available for different devices. Zotero maintains a list of several solutions on their Zotero for Mobile Support page (

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