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Zotero Citation Management: About Zotero

Research/source organizing

Steps for Setup

A quick overview of the set-up steps you should take to make full use of Zotero:

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Install Zotero
  3. Install Zotero Connectors for web browsers
  4. Install the Word plug-in
  5. Link your account to your Zotero so it can sync (under Edit > Preferences)
  6. Get started!

Also check out the Zotero Quick Start guide.

Install Assistance

If you need help with installing on an Apple/Mac computer, please go to the Media Center on the second floor of the Trible Library.

Zotero also works on computers running Linux.  You cannot download Zotero on a Chromebook, but you can use the web version.

Turn Off Zotero Proxy

As of January 2023, the Trible Library uses EZ Proxy to connect you to our subscribed resources from off campus. The Zotero Connector for the Chrome and Firefox browsers allows you to configure proxy access to subscribed library resources. Zotero proxy redirection is not available in Safari.

What you will see:
If you access our subscribed resources from a browser with the Zotero Connector installed, you will see a bright yellow bar telling you that a proxy has been detected and asks if you want to remember it in the future, or has an option to Don't Proxy This Site.

What you should do:
It is recommended to not use the Proxy through Zotero since the proxy redirection in the Zotero Connector can cause problems.

Option 1:  Click the "Don't Proxy This Site" button.   The worst that would happen is you might have to enter your CNU credentials to view an article from off campus.

Option 2 (suggested):  Disable the proxy setting entirely. Go to the Proxy Settings and uncheck the Enable Proxy Redirection box so no boxes are filled in as shown below.

To access the Proxy Settings:
Right-click the Zotero Connector in your browser and choose options (Chrome) or manage extension ⇒ options in Firefox. Choose Proxies, then uncheck the Enable proxy redirection box. 

Zotero's Key Features & Helpful Information



Zotero (pronounced "zoh-TAIR-oh") is a free open source application that collects, manages, and cites research sources.

  • Automatically extract citation information from websites, library catalogs, databases, and more.
  • Save PDF files, images, screenshots, and other files.
  • Enter notes and tags that can be search to build easy connections between sources.
  • Automatically create formatted bibliographies in many different styles.
  • Use Zotero with word processing programs like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.
  • Sync the citations and files you save online across multiple devices.
  • Share your saved information online with groups.

Useful Links

Oregon State University Libraries has another excellent Zotero guide.

IT Zotero Video


Guide adapted from - Matthew Hunter, Digital Scholarship Technologist at Florida State University Libraries.  Used and adapted with author's permission.

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