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Trible Media - Training and Documentation: Photography and Still Cameras

Trible Library Media Center training documents and videos.


Photography can be exciting and fun, but a lack of knowledge and training can cause disappointing results.  Here, we collect some sources to help you along the way to being successful.  

Free beginner's course on photography:


Using a Tripod

Looking at a DSLR Camera

Photographer's Cheat Sheet

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Camera Recommendations: DSLR or Point and Shoot?

lens layout


Not sure about which type of camera to use? 

We have two types of cameras here in the Media Center - digital single lens reflex (DSLR) and Point and Shoot cameras.  There are many differences between these two types of cameras, and serve distinct purposes.  In general, the point and shoot camera would be used for everyday photography.  You get good quality images with little to know effort on the part of the photographer.  DSLR cameras are better suited for experienced photographers who want to produce professional-quality images and those who want more control over what the camera is doing when the shutter button is pressed.  Both will shoot video to varying degrees of success.  The Media Center always recommends a video camera over a photography camera for better control of video capture.

Want to know more about which camera is best for you?  Check out this article.  It is also a great source for learning about other photography subjects.

Cameras and Accessories


We use Adobe Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop for working with photos in the Media Center.

  • Bridge is an excellent program for viewing and doing batch edits.
  • Photoshop is excellent for touching up photos or more in depth editing.  It can also develop RAW images.
  • Lightroom emphasizes organizing and selecting appropriate photos.  It specializes in RAW images and processing them.
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