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Getting Started Guide: Plays & Acting: Finding Plays

Plays in Trible Library

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Author (playwright) Search

Last Name, First Name 

Example: Williams, Tennessee

Title Search

Example: The Glass Menagerie

Keyword Search

This search can be helpful for locating plays in collections, although not all plays in a collection are listed separately.

Example:  Letters to a student revolutionary (by Elizabeth Wong)

This play will not show up in a Title Search or in an Author Search, but is available in a collection of plays.

If you are not looking for a specific play or playwright try searching by subject


Plays in Databases

Plays Online

Shakespeare's Works Online

Plays in Periodicals

  • Some periodicals regularly publish plays
  • This is a list of some of those titles available in Trible Library
  • Every issue may not contain a play(s)

Play Indexes


  • Will not provide the actual text of the play,

  • Provides citations to the collection, anthology or periodical where the play may be found

  • Will require you to go back to the online catalog to see if Trible Library has the collection or to Journal Finder to see if the periodical is available

  • Are a good place to look for lesser known plays and playwrights and older plays

  • You may need to consult several indexes to find a specific play

  • Many of the indexes are in print format

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