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ENVS 519 - Restoration Ecology: Home

Spring 2023 - Dr. Waldien

Selected Online Resources

Bat species that may be potentially encountered at mine sites:

The Big Muskie Bucket, McConnelsville, OH

Recommended Library Databases for General & Environmental Topics

Other databases and pre-print servers

coal mining reclamation search sample

You can also do a Google search and add to the end of it to limit results to government websites. Or for educational sites.

Example: coal mining reclamation
Adding <forest practice acts> will retrieve those from many individual states

Data Sources / Project Outcomes

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Connected Papers

Enter the doi or title of a paper to get a "graph" of papers related to it (the origin paper).

It's a "visual understanding of the trends, popular works and dynamics of the field you're interested in." Papers are arranged by similarity "based on the concepts of Co-citation and Bibliographic Coupling" with data coming from Semantic Scholar.

Tips for reading the graph:
Each node is an academic paper related to the origin paper.

  • Papers are arranged according to their similarity (this is not a citation tree)
  • Node size is the number of citations
  • Node color is the publishing year
  • Similar papers have strong connecting lines and cluster together

When you click on a node, you can see the article information on the right hand side.  There are links to Semantic Scholar, the article publisher, and Google Scholar to lead to full text and a link to build a graph based on that paper as an origin paper.

The PRIOR WORKS button will show a list of papers that were "most commonly cited by the papers in the graph. This usually means that they are important seminal works for this field and it could be a good idea to get familiar with them."

The DERIVATIVE WORKS button will show a list of papers that "cited many of the papers in the graph. This usually means that they are either surveys of the field or recent relevant works which were inspired by many papers in the graph."  AKA Cited Bys

The "snow" toggle is only to be festive for winter.

Another to try? LitMaps

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