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ENGL 223 - Utopias and Dystopias: Welcome

Dr. Kara Keeling, Fall 2018

Use The Tabs Above

Find books and journal articles for your research, and get help by using the tabs above.

If you're having trouble - ask for help!

Important Note

Analyze all the information you find - is it accurate?

Is it coming from a reliable source?

Make sure to cite what you find!   Avoid Plagiarism!

Also use - Citation Fox for MLA

Checklist of Links

Quick Links found in this guide:

Information Literacy Tutorials

Information literacy tutorials may be helpful to get you started on your research journey!

Assigned for credit or just to brush up on your skills -- have a look and enhance your strategies.

Trible Library provides links to other websites to aid in research and is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of those sites.