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Database Information: PsycINFO

This guide provides detailed information about databases available in the Trible Library, including help, tutorials, and features.

PsycINFO Journal Coverage List

NOTE: For full text it is best to search the entire PsycNET suite of databases.

  Scholarly Journals
  Dissertations & Theses

special features


 Search by Conference

 Search by Grant/Sponsorship

 Search by MeSH Subjects

 Filter by Age Group

Filter by Methodology (empirical, qualitative, etc.)

 Filter by Population Group (human, female, etc.)

 Test Lookup*

 Author Lookup*

 APA Thesaurus

*Helpful if you don't know the correct spelling or only know part of the name

standard features


 Citation Exporting to Software

 Citation Formatting (APA style)

 Email Alerting

 Email (abstract & link)


 Mobile Friendly

 Persistent Linking

 Personal Accounts


 Social Sharing

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