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Capital IQ Account Creation: Home


(1) Captial IQ is intended for use for educational purposes only. Do not use it for a job, internship, etc.

(2) Information entered in the account creation form is viewable by other people in the database user directory!

(3) You can edit some of your user information once the account has been created under the My Capital IQ section - click on Profile.

Capital IQ Account Creation

(1) Access the platform through the Capital IQ link below.

(2) Click on New User in the top right corner.

new user

(3) Submit your email address in the appropriate box

submit cnu email

(4) Check your email account (it may go to your spam folder) for a New User Sign Up email

new user email

(5) Follow the link in the email and fill out the requested information to create your account

Note: All the fields are required, if you are student, you can just put that in for your job title

register account

(6) You will receive an email with a <b>Reset your password</b> link; click the link.

welcome email




(7) Create a password

forgot password

(8) You will receive a confirmation email that your password has been changed - do not use the link in the email to access the database if you are off campus!

(9) Use the link below to access the database or use the link in the A-Z list

Note: This link has proxy information that allows you to use the database off campus.

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