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FNAR 376 - Erhardt: Literature Review and Annotated Bibliographies

Evalute the Information

Literature review

Bloom's Taxonomy might help you organize your process.

  • Remembering/Knowledge: Identifying and retrieving the information. Going to the resources and doing good searches based on what you know about the topic.  Knowing which databases are appropriate. Coming up with good keywords and not repeating bad searches.

  • Understanding:  Comprehending what you have, maybe categorizing it.  Books vs articles vs studies.  Primary sources vs secondary. Maybe make some basic notes about each resource that might be the basis for your annotation later.

  • Applying: Making connections between the literature and your particular project. Is it valid for your topic?

  • Analyzing:  Organizing your materials, selecting the most valuable, deciding why something is NOT valuable.

  • Evaluating:  Do the materials contain good, scholarly information? How do you know? What are the sources? Are they biased in any way? Think critically about each resource.

  • Creating: Beginning to bring in your own thoughts as they relate to the theories in your resources.

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