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BIOL 391 - MBCH Junior Seminar: Company Information

Spring 2022 - Dr. Meighan, Dr.Mitrano


Keep in mind:

  • Only publicly traded companies need to provide financial information.
  • 2020 may be the most recent year of financial information.
  • Companies often have many subsidiaries, so make sure you look at the headquarter listing (which may be outside of the United States).
  • Company websites can be a great resource. Some even have whole sections devoted to investors with financials and product information.
  • Company website information may be biased or leave out controversial issues.

From Company Websites

-Goal / mission / purpose
-What they do /  focus on / treat
-Research & development / drug pipeline
-Internship / job opportunities
-Press releases

Company Information

In the resources below, knowing a company's stock market trading symbol can make searching a lot easier and more specific.

Company codes

Name Trading Symbol NAIC Code SIC Code
Merck & Co, Inc MRK 325412 2834
Pfizer Inc. PFE 325412 2834
Roche Holding AG RHHBY 325411 2833
Novartis Corporation NVS 325412 2834
Amgen Inc. AMGN 325414 2836
Bristol-Myers Squibb BMY 325412 2834
Glaxo Smith Kline GSK 325412 2834
AstraZeneca AZN 325411 2833
Regeneron REGN 325412 2834
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 325412 2834
GW Research Ltd./GW Pharmaceuticals GWPH 621999 8099
Charles River Laboratories CRL 541715 8731
Abbvie Inc. ABBV 325412 2834
Gilead Sciences, Inc GILD 325414 2834
Eli Lilly (Lilly) LLY 325412 2834
Celgene CELG 325412 2834


Industry Overviews

Some specific reports for this class are:

NAICS and SAIC codes

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code lookup

Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing 3254
        Pharmaceutical 325412
        Biological products 325414
Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing 33911

Standard Industrial classification (SIC) Lookup

Pharmaceutical preparations - 2834
Surgical and Medical Instruments - 3841

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